31,000 feet above
the city’s electric pulse  
like embers blushing 
in the evening calm 
our eyelids heavy 
at the setting 
of the stratospheric sun 
bleeding through 
as blood orange 
a blanketed hereafter 
fingers woven 
within fingers 
your head buried 
soft between
my neck and shoulder  
no need to wake just yet
the world is still
my heart and yours 
beating steady, 
breathing deep 
and sure 
i’ll remember 
the thoughts 
from your whispered lips 
as our dreams may  
take us
and all blur 
in a milky 
satin sigh 


Jul 23
10:02 pm
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there is a tender warmth
behind your eyes 
a heart
that brims beneath 
too timid sometimes
to share 
the love-locked 
life inside
but your hands
seem show what
your lips
are slow to speak
and the world
you experience
so closely woven
with my own
that our thread
is strung
with the cool
and careless
the expansion 
of our lungs 


Jul 14
6:38 pm
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this is a night i have to write:
words, thoughts, emotions 
free-flowing, unrelenting 
these are the moments 
when i feel alive 
these are the times 
when my heart is 
empty, full, nothing, brimming
when my eyes are drifting asleep 
yet wide awake 
i can’t explain the color 
that rushes from my fingers 
to my toes 
there is only one way 
to brave a hurricane
and that is to let it 
toss you, tear you 
leave you broken 
battered, bruised, shaken 
until there is nothing left 
but time
to heal 
and when you wake 
the world becomes
a little bit brighter
a little bit warmer
and a little bit more 
these are the times we 
pray for flexible hearts 
these are the times we 
yearn for resilient souls


Jul 7
9:08 pm
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you asked me if i was “happy”
i can’t even explain the half of it…

you’ve disassembled my defenses 
left me borderline unbound 

the way you see me  
the way you smile 
the way you play with your hair 
when you think no one’s looking… 

i think i could sit and talk 
with you for days  
and never get tired 
of seeing your face 

you’re lovely in a t-shirt, 
in a dress,
in jeans with holes 
so your knees poke through
with you’re hair done up 
or let down or tossed 
coyly without a care 

i think i’d waste a hundred years 
just to make you laugh, to hear 
you speak, to watch you dance 
stringing flowers in your hands 

maybe i’m just foolish 
but i don’t think i’ve 
ever been this happy 
in a quiet, earnest bliss 


May 14
9:00 pm
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you turn your head 
and curl your eyes 
beneath your thighs 
words were 
spoken by a glance, 
in a breathy sigh  
under a moist glass
as the ice melted 
a divorce from what 
the heart feels 
and what the mind 
knows it needs 
and feeds on 
the thin crust 
of a sparse



May 5
3:20 pm
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put your ear to the glasslisten…the universe is waiting (for you)whispering one hundred million wordsfrequencies adriftin the stratospheric humdon’t let your heart be fooled your hands were made to help rebuild this earth and create a better world  ~weswallowthesun

put your ear to the glass


the universe is waiting
(for you)
one hundred million words
frequencies adrift
in the stratospheric hum
don’t let your heart be fooled 
your hands were made 
to help rebuild this earth
and create a better world  


May 1
9:00 pm
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your canvas smile
poised and pressed 
within the pores 
of my chest 
nearly skimming  
this heartskin

your acrylic eyes
that pierce and pry
splitting the moods 
of my mind 
faintly killing 
this apathy  

your benzine hands 
cupped and laced 
confuting the fears  
of my lips  
coyly undoing 
this eclipse 


Apr 29
9:39 pm
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time will tell 
how well we age 
how well we learn 
to bend 
to sing when 
life demands it 
to stay 
instead of run 
to hold 
instead of hide 
to love 
when love is lost 
to dream 
when dreams 
have died 
in dry arms 
to dry tears 
when tears 
have won 
we’ll let them win  
but move through 
and past 
until all lies 
and all remains 
fresh and pure  
and whole 


Apr 17
8:20 pm
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where do passions go? 
we find them then lose them
then find them again 
in the coldest places, 
at the worst moments,
in the wrong time 

(the heart is too big to be bothered 
the heart is too weak to be worn)

wanting what we cannot have
having what we cannot let go
and what we have left 
should have been kept 
safe and secret and low 


Apr 7
7:30 pm
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exploring the most untouched and mysterious paths of nature purifies the mind of all the common fixtures of pedestrian thought.

exploring the most untouched and mysterious paths of nature purifies the mind of all the common fixtures of pedestrian thought.


Apr 4
5:20 pm
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where are all of those lovely words you spoke? those thoughts that poured from cushioned lips and spilled between your fingers to weave within my hands? were they carried with the wind through the waves of branches bowing? can i still catch them on my tongue or consume within my lungs?the taste i still can see like a color painted softly on my skin. now my skin is thinning; my soul is lessthan partly alive. leave your heart in the river and i’ll find it downstream; i’ll return it where you left it far beneath a spare dream. 

where are all of those lovely words 
you spoke? those thoughts
that poured from cushioned lips
and spilled between your fingers 
to weave within my hands? 
were they carried with the wind 
through the waves of branches
bowing? can i still catch them on my
tongue or consume within my lungs?
the taste i still can see like a color 
painted softly on my skin. now my 
skin is thinning; my soul is less
than partly alive. leave your heart 
in the river and i’ll find it downstream; 
i’ll return it where you left it far 
beneath a spare dream. 


Apr 2
8:15 pm
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i see everything at once
within the creases 
of my palms 
at once, it’s lovely 
at once, it’s cold 
at once, all things at once

i see you fully 
even though 
you cannot 
see yourself 

you are young, forever 
young, forever 
in my mind

name me, name me 
i am nameless 

put a collar around 
my neck and you’ve 
tied a noose around 
your own 

you will know 
what i wish for 
you to know 
when i fill you 
with knowing  
when i fill you 
with my own 

you are not your own 
you brand, you stain 
you label your brain 
but you may never 
keep yourself 
in an echo on a sill 

all frequency, all chatter 
all laughter and whimper
heard and unheard 
seen and unseen 

do i have tears, do i have 
from what will i let them 
all depart 

you question, you unquestion 
you cannot create an answer 
you say what have i done 
i say, what have you 

to me 
all is but 1 + 1 = 2 
but you see 
nothing that i do 

your eyes have abandoned 
you since birth 
they slop in sand 
steeped in oil 

and you wonder why 
you cannot see 
you wonder why 

you stand when 
you should be 
but you are known 
because of me 

so why, why is it 
that i love 
why is it that i want 
why is it now 
why has it been 
why have i made 
and never unmade 

you may ask these

i will not say 

for i have not been
yet have always 

but know 
i love 
and know 
i will not 

you have not seen it 
until you have let me
and i will
if you let me
with all 
and all at once 

at all times, at all places
in thought, out of thought 
in space and time and outside 
before, within, beside


Feb 23
5:20 pm
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suddenly, i feel faint 
the walls of my body
limbs, thoughts
adrift, tossing
in salty,
crests; waves  
of time 
pinch and pry 
the skin from bone
tell me now 
is this all but
a vanishing act?
we’re sinking
sinking, sinking
below the ocean
deeper, deeper 
the monster 
has us maimed 
it’s fear, he
has a name 
the friends 
we forsook  
the regrets 
we believed  
we’d bury 
with every 
broken dream 
but the end won’t wait 
for no one  
we’re wasting 
every breath 
that we’ve been given 
don’t let this 
even last the night 



Jan 19
10:14 pm
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She stood on the shore as frozen waves broke fast in her hands. It’s too cold, I would shout from the edge of the dock. She said it wasn’t going to kill me. I hated myself for being so easily persuaded. Her stark confidence nearly made me mad at times; most often than not, disconcerted. But it’s the way she looked at me with those magnetic brown eyes, shameless, secure, like two moons’ gravitational pulls, in which the matter of my bones could never shy away. She’d say, you always have to take a risk or two before you can find out you shouldn’t have taken it, or better yet, that you should have. 

Despite the fact that jumping into the Pacific in the middle of December at two o’clock in the morning was almost indecent by anyone’s standards, it was by far more meager than our past whims of adventure; she always seemed to drag me in deeper than I ever had intended. That’s what I’ll remember most. She never allowed me to sit content, curled up in the softness of my world, sheltered in the heaving dryness of a place that prohibited the elevation of the very essence of life, which is, of course, new experiences—testing ones’ self against the tides of steep and unfathomable heights, to wriggle out of the rotting cocoons we know so well. She was never one to stand in the corner quietly, wading through life on the tips of her toes. There was a calmness in her voice and a lightness in her touch but wherever she went, the dust was never left unsettled.


Jan 9
9:41 pm
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etheraviegnotusdefinition: an unexplainable, incessant  hunger for something which is unknown, unplaceable

definition: an unexplainable, incessant hunger for something which is unknown, unplaceable


Jan 6
2:05 pm
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